12.31.2014 #365


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You & Happy New Year!

“Perhaps one day you’ll realize that one can go to the ends of the earth without leaving one’s room.” ― Natalia Sanmartin Fenollera

Projects that mark the passage of time are frightening because there’s no way to avoid confrontation with a couple of unmovable realities. The first is mostly around its rapidity (it moves quickly) while the second has to do with space and our place in it.

It’s worth pondering the latter because WHAT we do and WHO we do it with warrants meditation/contemplation (and perhaps hugging your friends and family).

And there’s a hand my trusty friend!
And give me a hand o’ thine!
And we’ll take a right good-will draught,
for days of long ago.

THANK YOU Bear for your tolerance and patience (and for occasionally providing a desperately needed second set of hands). Also, I will replace the skiff from 4295 which was so savagely claimed by the Long Island Sound. I think it washed up on a pink beach in Bermuda and that maybe we’ll find it together when we visit that fragrant and verdant island paradise some spring.

THANK YOU Mom for photos, quotes, ideas, props, and encouragement. You are a gifted florist, artist, writer, and creative. Our photo on 9.12 (#255) is one of my favorites and from a rare day of shared mischief and mayhem (Sherwood Island, $30 cappuccino at Terrain, and a delphinium from 5 Oceans Fair Trade).

THANK YOU Playmobil Collectors Club for building a community/forum to indulge, satiate, and foster our interest in all things Playmobil. Thank you also for the privilege of hosting Tim.

THANK YOU WOPR and lyli12 for your contributions. The former was really the impetus for this grand old year-long project.

AND THANK YOU to ALL the countless Playmobil fans on social media. You are an endless source of inspiration and a well of creativity and imagination.


I was asked several questions about the project throughout the year which are recounted below:

Q1. Were there sets, figures, themes, etc. you didn’t get to photograph?
A1. I just saw Princess Kaguya at the MoMA and wish I had seen it earlier this fall because I have a perfect figure for her! I also didn’t finish the Howard Jones tribute. Lastly, I want to recreate a scene from Clannad After Story and have the perfect location and props ready to go. It’s a picnic spot too.

Q2. Any surprises?
A2. I didn’t think 5552 (Ferris Wheel) was going to be available in the US until next year SO when “discovered” (with mom coincidentally) it became an instant storyline.

I also underestimated the commitment required to dutifully and faithfully post every day. I traveled quite a bit this year (internationally too) which required posts, etc. to be scheduled in advance. The good news- most of my best locations are reachable via bike.


Q3. Did you learn anything?
A3. I think I’m a better photographer now and better at living in the moment. In regards to the latter, I’ve become deft at meandering (useful for scouting locations). I learned that Playmobil doesn’t scale well (which was never really a problem because most of the shots were intended to emphasize the incredible detail of these tiny objects). I also learned the Long Island Sound is cold in April!

Q4. What’s next?
A4. No immediate plans. I’m copying ALL of the photos and source code to an external hard-drive for Bear. My plan is to occasionally post on the Playmobil Collectors Club and Flickr. I also have to finish the Howard Jones tribute.


Q5. Why did you do this?
A5. As a tribute to Playmobil. It was also a great vehicle for storytelling and as a nod to the GIANTS whose shoulders we stand on. There were numerous paeans to artists, writers, technicians, painters, engineers, poets, musicians, architects, philosophers, and theologians.

Q6. Do you have a favorite photograph?
A6. Yes. Ironically, it was in April.

“It’s just a crazy damned life, that’s all…” ― Sara Gruen

Q7. How much did you spend?
A7. Excluding a couple of sets, much less than my cappuccino at Terrain.


Q8. Any outtakes?
A8. Mostly if/when my fingers accidentally flipped the camera view on the iPhone. This was typical.

Q9. What were the most viewed photographs?
A9. There were 755+ photos in the Playmobil365 album on Flickr! Here’s a list (current as of 12.30.2014) of the most viewed:

Playmobil365 #41
Playmobil365 #2
Playmobil365 #69/Playmobil365 #39
Playmobil365 #40/Playmobil365 #37
Playmobil365 #47
Playmobil365 #115
Playmobil365 #4
Playmobil365 #4
Playmobil365 #250
Playmobil365 #36/Playmobil365 #19