Playmobil365 is a year long photo project celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Playmobil.

This site has no official connection to Playmobil. It was created in gratitude to Playmobil and as a tribute to fans everywhere enamored by these 7.5 cm (3 inch) “plastic” figures.

The first Playmobil toy figures were developed by cabinetmaker Hans Beck in the early 1970’s and the first Playmobil lineup launched in 1974 by toy manufacturer geobra Brandstaetter in Zirndorf, Germany.

Playmobil365 is curated by a bicycling monk from Iwafune Station. When I’m not cycling, or visiting museums, I’m posting all kinds of nonsense on Limestone Roof. I can be followed @limestoneroof, and on Flickr.

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