Starting to receive emails about Playmobil365 so I’m using this FAQ to collate the questions.

Q1: Can I contribute a photo or idea?

A1: Absolutely. Please use contribute@playmobil365.com. I’m also creating a Playmobil365 Flickr group.

Q2: Are there official contributors?

A2: Yes. You will occasionally see photos from other contributors

Q3: Are there plans for Playmobil365 beyond 2014?

A3: Gauging interest in the Playmobil community for a Kickstarter project to publish the photos in a book. Would also like to do some type of storytelling project.

Q4: What was your first Playmobil set?

A4: It was a birthday gift. It was a set of knights and it was probably 035.

Q5: Favorite set as a child?

A5: There were two. 3550* (pirate ship) and 3055 (schooner). I still have two wooden cannonballs from the former (and that’s pretty much all that remains) and still search the house for the metal bell from the deck. The latter was a gift from my mom from FAO Schwarz.

*Guessing a little on the set number.

Q6: Do you have a favorite theme, set, or figure?

A6: I’m a little obsessed with Redcoats and Romans. The jewel of my collection is 3551 (fishing trawler). My favorite re-issue is 6240 (classic car). One of my favorite figures is the robot in 3591 (it looks like R2D2). I also love 4670 (king’s knight) and 4485 (gardener with hedge trimmer). 5140 (redcoat battle ship) is one of my favorite sets.

Q7: Is there figure you are searching for?

A7: I’m searching for 3631 (monk) and 3316 (chimney sweep) in their original boxes.

Q8: Are there any sets or figures you wish Playmobil would create?

A8: How about a folding bicycle? Would also love Johannes Gutenberg (my grandfather and dad were printers). My mom is a florist, and for many years I wanted sets to represent her talents. Playmobil finally introduced 7496 (flower shop interior) and 4481 to add some fauna to their lineup.

Would love a museum to showcase some of my favorite artifacts. They have created museum-themed sets like 6281 (museum thieves) and 4168, but nothing on the scale of 5265 (large furnished hotel).

Q9: Do you have an assistant?

A9: Sadly, no. I really need an editor and archivist with a penchant for 80s music (don’t judge me).

Q10: How do you select the photos?

A10: There’s no real methodology. I pick out content a few days in advance and keep them in a plastic bin until they are photographed.

Q11: Your favorite personal Playmobil photograph?

A11: I have two. My absolute favorite is this bouquet of flowers. My second is this stained glass from 4296.